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Greetings from David and Michelle

My desire for myself and Community Christian Fellowship is that we would see all those that live in this world as God sees them. Or better yet, as God sees us. That we would not point fingers at people or condemn them or try to fix them or try to save them, as if we could, but that we would just love them.

When was the last time we asked someone, may I pray with you? More often than not they will accept prayer gratefully. When was the last time we shared with our neighbors, that God is good and that he loves them all the time? Most wish they could do better, that they could be less selfish, that they could control their tempers, that they could forgive.


Whether we are “good” people or “ bad” people, whether we are pastors, drunks, drug dealers, or prostitutes we all need Jesus. We all need his amazing Love, his amazing Grace, his amazing Mercy! Our goal at Community Christian Fellowship should be to share Jesus’ love in our village to display his Grace and Mercy, to all, and to invite all into the family by our actions and words.